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I’m having an affair.

Unlike other relationships that you move heaven and earth for to keep I am not frozen by guilt or remorse to destroy mine.

The long years and the familiarity have not bored me; on the contrary, I have been continuously challenged.

Maybe that is part of the problem, the challenges have led to frustrations. Promises have been broken. Expectations have increased. So have failures.

I once flirted with Steve, enamored by his suaveness. Unfortunately, his elitist ways diminished the fire. And he was becoming too high-and-mighty for his own good.

So I have been trapped in Bill’s world. I allowed myself to be swayed by his sweet talk. All the empty words. All the manipulations.

The last straw came when he tried to innocently add a few thousands to my laptop purchase, under the guise of his new OS (“Baby, I promise, it looks beeyooteefool…”).

You SOB! You BSODed my old desktop enough times already!

Ay, ma’am, XP na lang,” the technician offered.

So it was back to the Bill that I was used to.

But things were never the same with me again. I ditched IE for FF. I installed OpenOffice.

I wanted to be free.

It was not a surprise that I met Linus.

He does not talk in mindless riddles. He offers security, variety, transparency, efficiency, freedom. And all for free.

I have given it enough thought.

I’m breaking up with Bill. On my birthday.

I won’t write him a letter. I don’t want memories of him in my new reformatted life. Everything will be a clean install.

There will be no “It’s Not You” speech, because it is all because of you, Bill.

I know you don’t really care about me, not when you have your millions billions (at least you’re doing humanitarian work).

I should have done this a long time ago.

My Linux distro shortlist:

  1. Ubuntu 8.04
  2. PCLinuxOS 2007
  3. openSUSE 11.0
  4. Mandriva Linux 2009
  5. Linux Mint 5

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