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Lower by Piso

Posted: September 19, 2008 in The Road (and Everything On It)
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Effective 12:01 AM today the prices of petroleum products are cheaper by 1 peso. The Caltex station in the NHA-Kauswagan area seem to be less enthusiatic about this. A few meters away the Shell station have already adjusted and updated their pricelist. (Photos taken today, at 7:15 AM.)

Commuters are now praying for a fare rollback. The Commuters Association of the Philippines will submit a petition today for a PhP 2.50 fare reduction although this will be met by reistance by transport group PISTON on the grounds that diesel still costs above PhP 50.00. And of course there’s red tape – the LTFRB may start reviewing this proposal after 2- 3 weeks, by the first or second week of October.


Knocking on 90

Posted: September 17, 2008 in The Road (and Everything On It)
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Oil prices fell to a seven-month low yesterday, at USD 91.15 per barrel, before climbing by 3%, to USD 94.32 today. Decrease in demand and global financial worries spurned by brothers of the Lehman kind going bad contributed to cutting our celebration short.

But I want to maintain my optimism in everything that is good in this planet. The graph below, from Crude Oil Price Forecast, shows a promising trend for us common citizens of the world: