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First, the good news:


The PhP 54.47 unleaded juice that I feed my machine now costs PhP 2.00 less, effective 12:01 AM today. There is also a corresponding reduction in the pump prices of premium gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. However, it is feared that this decline is only temporary as oil cartels like OPEC plan to cut production. Apparently, they don’t like making too many people happy. Kill joy.

I still have nightmares where the number 60.47 figure prominently.

Now the bad:


SunStar has previously released two stories on gas stations with defective pumps in the CDO area. The first article named 5 stations while the second, posted on July 25, added 13 more. Regardless the economic conditions, shortchanging the very customers who keep your businesses alive, intentionally or not, is unacceptable.

Here is the combined list, with the location of each station and its registered owner:

  1. Caltex; A. Velez Street; Adlai Elizaga
  2. Caltex; Barangay Gusa; Harley Yu
  3. Jetti; Calamansi Drive, Barangay Carmen; Wilhelm Valencia
  4. Jetti; Zone 6, Bulua Highway; Isen Ting
  5. Petron; Masterson Avenue, Upper Carmen; Gorgonia Buaquina
  6. Petron; Ilaya, Barangay Carmen; Roger Tan
  7. Petron; Vamenta Boulevard, Barangay Carmen; Miami Chan
  8. Petron; Vamenta Boulevard, Barangay Carmen; Maria Lourdes Jane Pepito
  9. Petron; 8th Nazareth-Hayes Street; Ariel Tan
  10. Petron; C.M. Recto-Osmeña Streets; Edsel Salvana
  11. Petron; Barangay Macasandig; Roger Tan
  12. Shell; Masterson Avenue, Upper Carmen; Vic Pizarro
  13. Shell; Vamenta Boulevard, Barangay Carmen; Antonio Almirante, Jr.
  14. Shell; C.M. Recto Avenue-Licuan Street; Roy Tancinco
  15. Shell; Gusa Highway; Claudio Puertas
  16. Shell; Claro M. Recto Avenue; Edna Puertas
  17. Shell; East Bound Terminal, San Pedro, Barangay Gusa; James Giam
  18. Shell; Yacapin-Osmeña Streets; Alfonso Goking

An updated list is highly anticipated. I am hoping for a shorter list. A blank one would be even better.

Incidentally the photo, taken by The Accomplice nearly 2 weeks ago, is the price list from one of these stations. Guess which one?