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Fiesta Fever

Posted: August 25, 2009 in The Road (and Everything On It)
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Cagayan de Oro is beginning to be enveloped by the festive fiesta mood. Everyone loves a celebration; it is a welcome respite to all the negative spirit around us. Choking traffic, erratic weather conditions, crimes in broad daylight, and everything else under the heading of BAD, notwithstanding, we keep on finding enough reasons to be eternally grateful for our existence:

“At least we never get stuck four hours in traffic. ”

“At least when it rains flood waters subside quickly.”

“At least we can go malling without expecting to be blown to bits and come home in  a cardboard box.”

Things like that, gud.

A thanksgiving of sorts.

Parades, pickpockets, pageants, fairs, mga mangingilad, mall sales, police visibility, street dancing, free concerts, garbage, hang-overs, stitches, bruises, 1000 calories beyond the daily recommendations, walay klase, a loooong weekend.

Happy fiesta to all fellow Kagay-anons!

Eat (with moderation), drink (with moderation), and be (responsibly) merry!



Posted: August 21, 2009 in Bisag Unsa / Random Rants

A good friend of mine maintains about nine blogs. While that single digit may unfaze active bloggers it simply blows me away. Keeping this single blog updated has become, for the lack of a more appropriate term, a difficulty. We Pinoys find it easy to rant about anything under the tropical sun yet the demands of a 24/7 job (as opposed to a day job, I suppose), and other concerns in the non-virtual world has led to the long but hopefully temporary hibernation of blogging in my day-to-day life. Which brings me back to my amazing friend and her multitude of blogs. Aside from being a serious blogger, she is (in no particular order) a teacher, a businesswoman, an artist, a cook, and a mother. The mom part alone is a 24/7 affair! My single self, even with all its blahs cannot even begin to compete. Perhaps, in my defense, the peculiarities of my singlehood do eat up a large chunk of my time, but that is another matter altogether (another blog post?).

With my friend’s encouragement and with herself as an example I am back covering the road/s frequently traveled.


Congratulations to the new crop of nurses, therapists and physicians!

Happy Ramadan to all our Muslim brothers and sisters!

Pump prices enjoy a rollback! Gas up before the oil giants readjust the prices to their favor with crude now nearly $74 a barrel. Haven’t you noticed how lethargic these oil companies get in response to each price rollback but act quickly when they find even the smallest excuse to raise pump prices, faster than you can say “global warming”?


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