A new month has begun.

A lot has happened in the past 2 weeks of blogging absence.

The bad stuff so far (not limited to this small list):

  • worldwide economic meltdown

Like the vast majority of the world I don’t have any direct financial interests in the fallen Wall Street financial institutions that have shaken the stability of money markets worldwide. That’s just the problem; the mindless risk-taking of a few people still affects the entire planet.

  • melamine, “protein substitute”, anyone?

Being someone who loves to drink milk and has nothing against China or the Chinese, the news of melamine finding itself into food it was not invented to mix with is bothersome. Retailers have been ordered to pull out all dairy products which have originated from China. Some consumers have gone as far as to refrain from purchasing any China-made food products. The DOH has named Green Food Yili Pure Milk and Mengniu Original Drink Milk positive for melamine contamination. An independent laboratory found 8 pruducts containing melamine, including a brand of corned beef, luncheon meat, and get this, an iced coffee shake premix served in a popular (unspecified) coffee chain. Got to warn The Accomplice. I take my brewed coffee without frills.

  • fewer doctors

Fewer NMAT takers (NMAT is National Medical Admission Test, a prerequisite for acceptance in most medical schools, cut-off marks vary). Fewer medical school enrollees. Fewer graduates. Fewer doctors. Increased patient load (as if the present load weren’t unbearable to begin with).

Statistics peg the fall in medical school enrollment to 40%.

Add to that the licensed physicians who have chosen to practice abroad, either as doctors or as allied medical personnel.

A Horror Story Continues.

  • global warming
  • the government

The good stuff (also a short list, but hey there are still many things to be happy about!):

  • free movies

Cine Europa 11 at the Rodelsa Hall of Liceo University started yesterday, and runs till tomorrow. Free movie passes are available at the Office of Cultural and Public Affairs.

A scan of the schedule is here. (Thanks to Els (a.k.a. mommy dharlz; darn the h and the z!).)

  • no price increase

In petroleum products, that is. In spite the global financial crisis the price of crude oil has remained stable. No rollback this weekend, though.

  • Velez St

Finally the partial rehabilitation of the once pothole-ridden thoroughfare is complete (the Yacapin to Provincial Capitol stretch). The segments that were unfinished during the fiesta period in August have been opened to traffic.

  • Charice Pempengco

Comments of her youtube videos are riddled with racial slurs. Inggit lang kayo/Suya lang ‘mo. Filipinos are talented.

Enough said.

  1. dharlz says:

    hey, tan-aw ta ugma….

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