Posted: September 1, 2008 in The Road (and Everything On It)
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I have been a registered driver for 5 years running. I stress registered since I have learned how to drive much longer than that, with my brother on the front passenger seat, with my series of student’s permit that I could not find time to upgrade until 5 years ago (and my brother had gone increasingly impatient). Five years is a modest statistic compared to how long others have been driving. While that does not qualify me as an expert in anything it has made me more aware of rising gas prices (a liter of unleaded fuel was in the neighborhood of 20-30 pesos when I started to drive, a full tank was less than a thousand bucks; now it’s around 2500) and how ubiquitous bad drivers are. And let’s not be too forgiving of bad pedestrians.

In my short stint as a road warrior I have found that CDO drivers to be of the WORST kind, paricularly those who man public transport, particularly those who man public transport called jeepneys. Never mind that we have the flashiest jeepneys, the newest taxis. Never mind that I love CDO. When you drive side-by-side any vehicle seemingly driven by disrespectful, reckless, illiterate drivers, you will want to curse the life out of them. Or at the very least wonder what forces of nature transpired so that they were awarded entrusted with a driver’s license (you toy with the idea that they may be driving without license, too, and gasp!).

Fortunately, there are many law-abiding drivers that ply the very streets we do battle with the reckless ones. May they stay on the right path and continue to stand as good examples to new drivers like me.


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