Posted: September 1, 2008 in No Need For Introductions
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Cagayan de Oro City is a major city in Misamis Oriental > Region 10 > Northern Mindanao > island of Mindanao > Republic of the Philippines > Southeast Asia > Asia > earth > the universe.

It is home to 553,996 inhabitants, if you believe what is posted in wiki. The city’s official website gives a smaller estimate of a little over half a million.

I remember looking at the map of the Philippines once, the kind we are assigned to bring yearly in social studies, taking more interest in the table printed on its back, where the country’s statistics were printed. I cannot recall how long ago it was but the population then stood at less than 200,000.

When I was in college, classmates didn’t even know it existed, much less what spot on earth it occupied. What were they thinking, that I made it all up?

The city’s size has grown to twice since my social studies years. I can rant all about how much it has emerged from obscurity, about how much it has improved, but that’s why there are search engines. Go ahead and google “cagayan de oro”.

Don’t get me wrong, the city is no utopia. It has grown and progressed but along and because of that it has also become more crowded, warmer, dirtier, more chaotic through the years. Negative publicity and bad news about the city abound.

Then tell that to the half-million inhabitants and they will give you half a million reasons why they feel better where they are than anywhere else.

I will be among the half-million.


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